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Shock News from British Consulate, Beijing

** Warning, some pictures you are about to see are not for the feint hearted and do contain disturbing images **

Following a very exhilarating and active day, it is with great distress we have to report our fellow Trekker, Puppy, has been puppynapped from outside our hotel. It is believed Puppy was bathing in the hotel bar at the time whilst the rest of his commandants slept upstairs.

At around 2pm local time, we received a ransom note from an organisation known as the Chinese PLA (Puppy Liberation Army) demanding 1000Yen for the safe return of Puppy.

Earlier in the day Puppy had accompanied the group for some glacier climbing followed by white water rafting before scaling the massive Zhentan Temple.

Local hostage negotiator Li PengFei has managed to speak to Puppy and after forwarding an Advance Ransom of a 300Yen the hostage takers have released images to reassure us Puppy is safe and well.

The puppynappers have given us until the end of the Trek, Saturday, to raise the full 1000Yen to ensure his release and allow Puppy to travel back to Scotland with us safely.

After raising the initial 300Yen ourselves we need the support of our friends and family back home to ensure Puppy's safe return!

So, please, please, please give generously to ensure Puppy’s continued safety.

To help, simply visit Puppy's Justgiving Page ( and help us achieve the 1000Yen randsom sum ... and of course.... help us support the great work of everyone at the Ayrshire Hospice for the next 20 years.

Your continued support is most appreciated.