Blisters, Snoring and Smelly Feet!


Good morning to all you folks back home in the UK, sitting with your feet up at your comfy desks or browsing from the luxury of your sofa! Today's main news is that I've a big blister on my front left paw. Any tips?

As you regular readers will know I'm over here in China with my dad Graham as he couldn't be trusted to go on his own! We're now just over half way there and I cant wait to get home: I'm sleeping at the bottom of the bed, his feet stink, he's been moaning non-stop for days and his snoring is abhorrent. His big pal Chris is just as bad. A poorly Chinese local was scavenging for bottles last night and we gave her all our empty bottles from the bus. However, Chris also chucked in my big Bowl and I'm left eating off the floor now. Some pal him! Worse still, he won't tell us how much he sold them all for...

I have to say, a tremendous effort has gone into the organisation of my big Dog holiday trek thus far, it's been one of the best walks I've ever been on after last weekends jaunt down Troon Beach. It's even better as all the oldies are just managing to struggle on each day while I'm cruising along and still hoping up the stairs despite my big blister!

So I thought I better set myself a challenge - can all you generous fans back home help me, Puppy, raise £1000 for the Ayrshire Hospice? Now that's only a measly 1p for each of the steps I have had to climb so far!

Please follow this link where you can sponsor me: WOOF!!



3 April 2009 at 03:56

Hi Puppy,

This is me BUSTER again - sorry to hear about your sore paw - I would have said to try soaking it in your BIG BOWL - until I read that one of those Humans had chucked your bowl out. How would THEY like it if someone chucked out their Starbucks mug !!

Anyway 'hang in there' Puppy you are doing a GREAT JOB keeping ALL those humans under control !!