On Our Way Home!

Another early start, 6am alarm and we all meet in Reception. The difference is that this time everyone has sad faces. There are some of our group staying on to see the Terracotta Warriors, so the first tearful farewells are at the Hotel.

On the Bus everyone is very subdued and then Vicky our Chinese guide gives a very moving farewell speech.

I think the that one of the two Linda’s from Jools summed this week up well – "fandabydozy!"

At this point we would all like to take this opportunity to say a few Thanks.

So in no particular order....

First of all a big thanks to everyone who has taken the time to follow our adventure especially those who have made comments and donations. The comments in particular have been great motivation over the last week or so.

Big thanks to Stewart McGookin and David Woodison at Microtech for their hard work in processing the blogs and pictures. Bottles are on their way!

Special thanks to Justine from The Ayrshire Hospice who arranged this Trek. She proved to be more than a capable coordinator as well as formidable trekker.

The challenge was organised by Action Challenge and their representative was the lovely Alison. Georgina Hobbs from Tailor Made Trekking http://www.tailormadetrekking.com/ lead the trek in conjunction with the Chinese International Travel Service (CITS). Big thanks to Peter, Jerry, Michelle and especially Vicky who has the most infectious laugh in the world.

Massive thanks to all our fellow trekkers, we have shared some very special and unforgettable moments with each and every one of them. Too many to mention them all here but in particular but we like a special thanks to Graham Gibson who was the unofficial photographer (although he does sometimes go too far!)

Thanks to Robert and all of the staff at Seamill Hydro Leisure Club.

Finally and most importantly, none of us Guys could have contemplated even being here, let alone surviving this challenge without the support of wives and children.

So massive thanks, hugs and kisses on their way to...
Anne, Caitlin & Nicole.
Jacqueline, Zara (thanks for letting us borrow Puppy).
Ann, Sharon, Craig and Iain.
Kathleen, Elise and Nathan.

We are writing this final blog at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. Be home soon!

The Guys

Ps. Big thanks to our in-house translator Stewart, it will take him months to lose his (fake) Chinese accent!


  Kay Harrison

7 April 2009 at 03:54

To Everyone,

I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to all of you on a fantastic achievement !!

Best Wishes

Kay ( Buster's Aunt !! )