Puppy Tour Comes to a Close

Woof! I had an early rise this morning as I'm still worried about the ransom; but I rolled out of bed and ran and gave dad a big lick! As we haven’t raised the full ransom money yet dad is going to attempt to smuggle him out of the country (gulp!)

After breakfast, noodles and fish chews, and brief morning walkies (no more stairs for the oldies!) it was off to the airport.

Got some cool pictures at the airport, first of all with some nice bears I met in Starbucks and then some more with Chinese security. Silly fools let me out the country without paying the rest of the ransom!! They even let me pose with their flags!

Of course, being the coolest puppy in China; completely lovable, intelligent, successful, popular, fashionable, rich, modest and so on... (it comes naturally) I managed to get the dude at the check-in desk to upgrade me to business class. Tail-wagging stuff! Woof!

And as I'm such a celebrity even the pilots wanted a picture!! It does get embarrassing at times. However, they let me fly the plane for 100 miles but they woudn't let me try a loop-the-loop, oh well, suppose it meant dads wig never fell off! Had a good flight to Amsterdam and I got peace and quiet in business class whilst Dad, Chris, John and Stewart slummed it through the curtain. No snoring and no smelly feet. Result!

In Amsterdam we had a final drink with the trekkers before catching the last flight home. I got some nice cheese too, mmm, Puppy loves cheese!

I have had a fabulous week walking the Great Wall with all the team, thanks to Dad for taking me!

I am very grateful for all the support from everyone at home and abroad and hope the that donations keep coming in so that Zara doesn’t have to keep me hidden from the Chinese generals at the Seamill takeaway! But even if I do have to hide, her bedroom is always very messy so it should be easy to hide for a while - well until December when she has to tidy it for Santa!

Keep watching the website for updates on my future adventure and progress on my ransom collection.

Dad tells me his mates John and Chris have a big announcement coming up tomorrow once they run it past their wives! -Those presents better be good boys!!! Stay tuned! WOOOF!xx



7 April 2009 at 03:47

Hi 'First Class' Puupy!!

First of all we have to congratulate your Dad on getting you 'smuggled in broad daylight' with flash blubs flashing onto the plane !!! But if you are going to do something - then do it in style all the way !!!

We justed loved all the photos - but the best one is you flying the plane !!

Anyway I just wanted to say I think you have done a FANTASTIC JOB for the Ayrshire Hospice !!