Puppy's Final Day - We Hope!

Woof! I’ve been a bit of a naughty pup today! Despite not being able to fully see over the steering wheel I drove my fellow trekkers to The Forbidden City in a big bus! We then went on to Silk Alley. What a wonderful place! But I ha to make a quick exit, one my Great Uncle Scooby would have been proud, of as I don’t have a Chinese Driving Licence. Oops!

I got to sit in the emperors chair but they wouldn’t let me take a picture, did manage to get a picture of a beautiful local girl but she wouldn’t hold me in the picture. Grrr. Weather was once again very warm today and I managed to get a few more pictures within this massive palace. It would make a great kennel!

Later on we went shopping in the silk market, got another picture at the reception with an aeroplane although the armed guards weren’t that happy! Surely they wouldn’t shoot a we pup like me though? Thankfully a couple of my fellow trekkers stepped in and after a little money exchanged hands we were on our way! One of the guards had suggested he’d make puppy stew and noodles for tea the next day! Phew, glad I escaped!

Went to help dad and the guys do some shopping late afternoon - boy did they look stressed!! I’m lucky as I just had a chew to buy for my girlfriend Susie but Dad, John, Stewart and Chris were particularly stressing: ‘colour?’, ‘cost?’, ‘size?’, ‘does it match?’ and so on… it looks like a difficult job being a married man, glad im a dog!

Went for dinner in the oldest restaurant in Beijing and had a fine final meal! A meal fit for any dog. Sadly duck will never taste the same at home again. Hopefully my friends at Pedigree Chum will take note! Duck tastes better than Cat!

Had a wee late night stroll around some bars tonight, partying and saying my farewells.

I think I’m going to miss China, if I get home!